A lot of people search for love and companionship, and we are beyond blessed to have found each other in our early 20’s. What started out as two friends hanging out has evolved to a couple traveling the world. 

Our story doesn't end there because we did not just find each other. Recently, we also found our perfect travel caMpanion—our Canon EOS M10. It was love at first sight! And we’re so proud and over the moon to be part of the Canon family!

We were so excited to tryout our new camera so that’s exactly what we did. It was a bit last minute, but thanks to FlipTrip we were able to book our outing.

Just so you guys have an idea, FlipTrip is a simplified online travel planning and booking platform for adventure and off the beaten path destinations in the Philippines. What we love about FlipTrip is that you can create your own trip based on what you want and need, and you can easily book everything in their website (soooo convenient, right?!). This also explains why we were able to book a last minute trip with them.

We spent the day in a small town called Liwliwa. It is located in San Felipe, Zambales, which is just 3 hours away from Manila.  We left around 3am, and on our way up we had a quick stopover where we waited for the sunrise and had a mini photoshoot.