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Published: 30 Dec 2015
Updated: 13 Aug 2016
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Growing up, I've always wanted to have an arabian adventure. I dreamed of riding the magic carpet with Aladdin and Abu, overlooking the desert. 

Well, my arabian adventure came to life when we went to Dubai. We did not exactly ride the magic carpet, but I got more than what I expected. Here are my top 10 experiences in Dubai (in no particular order):

10. Souks (Gold, Spices, and Textile)

Dubai is known for their souks where you can find gold, spices, and textile. It is a traditional Arabian market so it's an essential experience for visitors. Souks are very similar to our tiangges (or bazaars)--very crowded and you can hear the people bargaining for the cheapest price.

The most popular is the Gold Souk because you can purchase top quality gold, silver, and jewels at a cheaper price. They even have gold ATMs! How cool is that?! Plus, you don't need to worry about buying fake pieces since the Dubai authorities keep a close eye on all their merchandise.

Of course, let's not forget their spices that fill the air with its aroma, and their textile with different colors, texture and embroidery.

We rode a water taxi (abra boat or the traditional boat ride) going to the souk, which added a little spice to our experience ;)

Cost: 1AED/person (for the boat ride)

9. Miracle Garden

Tired of the desert landscape of Dubai? The Dubai Miracle Garden is the world's biggest natural flower garden with over 45 million flowers. With the designs, shapes, and colors, I think this is the happiest place on earth (next to Disneyland. Haha!).