Ice cream, ice-cold drinks, face mists, air conditioners--these are some of my best friends recently since summer in the Philippines has been hotter than usual. What sucks is that no matter what I do, even right after I shower, I start sweating again. I'm literally swearing 24/7 (even when I don't move at all). Eww, hahaha! So I begged Jay to bring me to Sagada to escape the summer heat. 

With our Chevrolet Colorado 4x4 (more details here)

Also brought our #travelcaMpanion, Canon EOS M10

We didn't plan a lot of activities since it was just an overnight trip, and we've been to Sagada already. But if it's your first time, 3-4 days should be enough to see all the major sights. Anyway, we'll be sharing 10 places to visit in Sagada:

1. Hanging Coffins and Echo Valley

Don’t miss one of the popular attractions in Sagada! No need to worry about being physically fit to reach the Hanging Coffins because the “trek” is easy peasy. I won't go into detail since your guide with explain the history of the Hanging Coffins and Echo Valley.