We've been using Airbnb to book our accommodations and it's one of the best ways to cut down on travel expenses (especially on extended trips) since there are cheaper options available. 

our Airbnb house when we went to Cebu

our Airbnb house in Ireland with a hugeeeeee field all to ourselves

A few weeks ago, we traveled to Ilocos (read our article here)and stayed in a heritage house in Vigan, which we booked via Airbnb. Upon arriving, we chatted with the caretakers and found out that the first owner of the house was a Kastila who married an Ilocana. And of course, the house was passed down from one generation to the next.

The caretakers also shared that Tom Cruise lodged there during the 1980’s. They even showed us a photo of him and the owner, which is proudly displayed in the room where he stayed in.

Let me share quickly what we loved about our Airbnb home:

1. Delicious breakfast

Booking with them comes with free breakfast. You can choose your main dish (Bangus, Tocino or Longganisa) and it comes with rice, egg and bananas. They’ll also serve you coffee or hot chocolate. What a treat!

2. Location

The location of the house was perfect because it was just a 3min. walk to Calle Crisologo. We loved that everything was within reach, especially the restaurants and souvenir shops. It was so easy to explore the city!

3. Host

Our host was easy to talk to and to transact with, so we had no problems booking the house.

4. Caretaker

The caretakers really took care of us during our stay and made sure we had everything we needed. They prepared our breakfast on time and even tidied our room every morning just like a 5-star hotel.