A lot of you reacted when we posted this photo:


We’re guessing it’s because of the “chill vibes” of theplace.


A few weeks ago, we celebrated our dear friend’s birthday intheir family’s lovely resort in Quezon (which actually started as theirfamily’s vacation house).  It took us morethan 3 hours to get there since we did not pass by SLEX and we had 9 stopovers.Haha.

One of our stop overs: Pililla Windmills

Awesome travel bucket bag from EazyPeazy (comes with a detachable passport holder & detachable pouch that converts to a wristlet)

As you know, Filipinos love to convoy during trips. In the uphill,zigzag part of the route, there was a car in between us that was struggling and moving REALLLLLY slow to the point that we were left behind. We did not know theway to the resort so we had to overtake to catch up. To be honest, we were nervousbecause of the blind spots, and vehicles usually struggle when the road isuphill/zigzag. Thankfully, we were driving the Colorado Tracker Pro so it wasvery powerful! It really was built like a rock. It did not struggle at all (even if our cargo bed was full), andit was very stable that we did not even feel dizzy! For those of you who knowus, we always get motion sickness. Haha. 


Anyway, after 9 stops and this experience, we finally made it!!!



There are actually two resorts: Real Surf (where you cancamp out or rent cabanas) and Real Coast (for those who prefer to sleep indoors).


We’re going to go straight to the point and enumerate thethings we loved about the resorts.


1. The resorts were gorgeous!!! Both had their own“feels”—Real Surf is more chill and relaxed. It’s perfect for hipsters andsurfers. On the other hand, Real Coast is more modern, but still feels homeyand chill.

Shower area of Real Surf. Please don't mind the child taking a bath. Hahaha!