Who would have thought that attending a screening of short films could be life changing? A few weeks ago, we witnessed the launch of Sun Life’s new collection of its digital films dubbed Sun Shorts. Matteo Guidicelli introduced the first film “Waves,” which was targeted towards the millennials with the YOLO (You Only Live Once) mindset. Judy Ann Santos introduced the second film “She Said, She Said” which displayed the journey of a young single mom. Lastly, Piolo Pascual introduced the third film “Sayaw” which showed the life after marriage. Charo Santos-Concio was also there to represent the older generation and to tie it up together.

The Sun Shorts videos really pulled at our heartstrings, especially since they were inspired by stories of Sun Life clients. After watching the videos, we realized the importance of being prepared in every season of our lives--from the beginning of our journey to raising our own family to growing old together.

In fact, the “Sayaw” video really made us emotional (watch video below) because it reminded us how our relationship also started with a dance, and what we can to to have a secure future. As a young couple, we want to prioritize investing in our future and not having to rely on our future kids to provide for us.

Since we’re getting married in a few days, we already discussed our finances and our future as a couple. Here are some of the things we did (even when we were single) to financially prepare for our new season as husband and wife:

1. Increasing/improving income

Our goal is to make more money and spend less. So we followed this equation:

Income – savings = expenses

(not “income – expenses = savings”)

With this in mind, we learned how to budget our money because budgets allow you to pay now so you can play later.

2. Get out of debt

Learn to live below your means. When we got engaged, we both agreed to plan a wedding that we can afford, which meant no borrowing money from the bank or our parents. We had to make compromises (e.g. limited guests, looking for more affordable suppliers, etc.) because we promised that we would start our marriage properly—free from debt and any other burden.

3. Set up an emergency fund

Aside from our savings, we set up an emergency fund that we’re not allowed to use except for emergencies.

4. Protection from life risks

We want to ensure proper protection through insurance. So right after graduation, we immediately got our insurance. Sun Life has different kinds of insurance based on your age and lifestyle so it would be best to talk to a financial advisor and go to Brighter Life Institute to know more. You may also watch the Sun Life videos to see real life stories on how insurance protects us from life risks.

5. Investing for our future

What are your investment goals? Most of us forget to include retirement, which should be part of our investment goals. As we mentioned earlier, we don’t want to rely on our future kids when we retire. We want them to be able to start their lives free from the burden of having to provide for us. All of us should invest early, wisely and regularly for our future. Again, we recommend you talk to a financial advisor and go to Brighter Life Institute to know more

It’s never too early to plan and prepare for your future. Your life is the sum of all your choices, and we want the "future us" to thank, not curse the "younger us".

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