Oh myyyy! In less than a month we'll be saying our "I do's" 😱 We're nervous, scared and stressed... but we're also excited, happy and in love! So many emotions!!! Haha.

We've already shared our photos from our first prenup shoot with Joshua Garcia (here). We had a second prenup, this time with Myio Okamoto and his team. We wanted to shoot in a local destination and considered Zambales, but we realized that it would be time consuming (traffic + boat rides + hike). So we decided to shoot in Tinipak River, Rizal--spectacular but accessible!

Anyway, we were SUPER excited to shoot with Myio because we are fans of his work. Sadly, we still weren't used to posing--he even asked us if it was our first shoot because we were so awkward! Hahaha. Buuuut after a few shots, we became comfortable and less self-conscious because it felt like we were in our "natural habitat" LOL 😜 Myio perfectly captured us being.... us.