We're enjoying every minute of our holiday in Ireland, but it's ice cold here even though it's summer... so we can't help but miss the Philippine weather (minus the humidity). Therefore, allow us to reminisce on our trip to Cebu--after all, it is throwback Thursday. 

Once we finished exploring Cebu (read our article here), we knew our next stop would be perfect for us to relax, rest and re-charge. It was raining hard when we arrived in Shangri-La Mactan so we went straight to the breakfast buffet where delicious aromas greeted us. We were going crazy 'cause we were starving and there were sooo many dishes and cuisines to choose from! Our inner foodie was unleashed! Roaaarrrr!!!

Thanks to the John Lloyd rain dance we did (yes, we're jologs like that), it stopped raining after breakfast. We checked in early so we could roam around the resort and take photos.

Before we did the rain dance. Rain, rain, go away...

We basically spent the whole day by the pool/beach, chilling, laughing, talking and of course, eating some more! We're grateful we got to spend time with each other (and my family) despite our busy schedules. Special thanks to achi (my sister) for sacrificing her time to take photos of us together... and for being patient even if we asked her to retake it a million times. Hahaha!

Anyway, here's our photo diary of our stay in Shangri-La Mactan Resort:

With some of our travel essentials: Canon EOS M10, straw hat, Eyebuy Direct sunnies, a pair of comfy shoes