This is part 2 of our NLEX Lakbay Norte trip and I'll be sharing the 5 activities you can do in Pangasinan. If you haven't read the first part, click here

Pangasinan is well known for their waterfalls and beaches, particularly Bolinao Falls and Hundred Islands. But the organizers of NLEX Lakbay Norte wanted us to experience a different side of Pangasinan, which involved a few adventurous activities.

5 Activities in Pangasinan

1. Balungao Hilltop Adventure

Balungao Hilltop Adventure is the perfect place for thrill seekers! They have the longest zipline in the country, stretching 1.4 kilometers. We had to climb a steel stair, and once you reach the top, you get a breathtaking view of Pangasinan. This is also where the "drop" happens. To be honest, I was panicking (and even thought of backing out) because we were at a height of 220 meters above sea level.

Photo by: Ron Samuel Contreras

Looking back, I'm glad I didn't chicken out because it ended up to be one of my favorite activities during the trip.