We were jumping up and down when we received this in the mail..... 

*drum roll*


We never had a smart watch before so we were a bit clueless on how to use it, but at the same time, we were excited to explore and try the features. Okaaay fine, to say we were excited is an understatement. Haha.

Initially, we synced the watches with our Apple phones and it was impressive even if there were features we couldn't use. Take note that the Apple Watch doesn't work with Android phones--but the Samsung smart watch can be paired with Apple's iPhones.

We spent a decent amount of time (used it daily! Haha) exploring the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and what it's really capable of. Aaaand here are some of the features we enjoyed (synced with an iPhone):

  1. You can track your health and fitness. It recognizes and tracks what activity we’re doing (walking, running, climbing, biking, rowing, etc), can log water and coffee intake, and when we’re idle for a long time, it reminds us to walk and stretch. It even recommends stretching exercises!
  2. It saves detailed records of the measurements (mentioned earlier) and shows us a comparison versus the previous days.
  3. Every last day of the week, it shows us a summary of our performance from the entire week. It suggests adjustments to fit our activities and health goals.
  4. It serves as a personal assistant when it comes to reminders. It informs us of our pre-set reminders and provides a list of all the things we need to do. (Perfect for me because I’m really forgetful!)
  5. It regularly measures our heart rate and keeps records of it.
  6. When connected via Bluetooth, all calls are synced meaning we can use the smart watch to answer or drop calls. It has a speaker, which allows us to use it as a loud speaker when talking to someone (just like a detective or a special agent, haha).
  7. You can change and customize the watch face—great feature to match your mood.

To be honest, we really enjoyed the Samsung Gear S3, but we were left wondering what features we were missing out. We knew there was plenty to unpack with the latest Samsung smart watch soooo…. We sold our iPhones and switched to Android! I bought an Asus Zenfone 3 (since I’m still on a budget paying for our wedding, haha!), while Sab is still deciding which phone to buy.

Wore my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier during our prenup shoot with Myio Okamoto 

After syncing the Samsung Gear S3 with my Android phone, I was really amazed! Aside from the features we mentioned earlier, here are the additional features I enjoyed (when synced with an android phone—Sab can’t access these features yet):

  1. The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier syncs with messages and apps. It gave me the liberty to select which apps and functions of the phone I want notifications from (e.g. messages, email, social media apps, calendar, etc.) BUT WAIT, there’s more! I can also respond through the watch itself. It gives me an option to compose and send (should be connected via Bluetooth).
  2. I can now fully enjoy the S Health app. Since the watch and the phone are synced, it transfers data from the watch to the phone and keeps records (with analysis) of my fitness activities.
  3. Now that I’m using android, I can download apps in my phone and it syncs to my smart watch. So I have a lot of watch faces available for download—in fact, the other day I was wearing a “Rolex” Hahaha! I can also use the Spotify app remotely with the watch. There are thousands of applications available for me. Some of the apps are for Health/Fitness, Games, Finance, Lifestyle, Social Networking, Entertainment, and Utilities. It has such a vast selection of downloadable applications.

Personally, I enjoyed the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier more when paired with an android phone since I was able to maximize all the features of the smart watch. It’s actually my everyday watch now since it really makes my life easier, esp. in terms of reminders! And it feels like I own a thousand watches since I get to customize it depending on my mood. No need to buy luxury watches now because I can just download it, haha!

We’re still exploring the watch so feel free to message us or comment below if there are features we’re missing out!