Have you guys heard about KKday? It’s our new go-to website when booking trips and it’s perfect for us since we like to plan our itinerary. We used to google tourist spots one by one but ever since we were introduced to KKday, our lives have been waaaaay easier. We absolutely love it! Why?


1. We save time and energy

As we mentioned, we don’t need to google everything one by one. KKday is like a one stop website where you can find everything you need… and when we say everything, we mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! You can book tours, car rentals, wifi, entrance tickets, etc.


2. We also save money

Most people think that booking via travel companies would cost more, which is why people opt to do DIY trips. After all, we all want to save money (esp. if you’re kuripot like us haha). Buuuuut after comparing KKday’s prices, we found out that they offer the best deals—either at par with the market or cheaper!


3. We still get to customize our trips

We don’t need to book a 3-day itinerary and be forced to go to all the places planned by the travel agency. With KKday, we still get to maximize our trip, create our own itinerary and take control of our time.


4. KKday's website is user friendly

No need to google “how to use KKday” or “how to book via KKday” because their website is super user friendly. Just click on the country and city you’re going to and everything you need is there. It’s like online shopping but instead of buying clothes, you’re adding tours to your cart. Aaaand our favorite part is that you can filter it depending on your interests (e.g. food & shopping, arts & culture, theme parks, outdoor activities, etc).


5. It's fast and easy to book

The older generations prefer booking via travel agencies since they are clueless on how to book online. KKday doesn’t only have a user friendly website, it’s also very easy to book. Once you’ve decided on a tour, just click on it, select a date and number of travelers then press “book now”. It’s that simple!


6. Trusted + Secured purchases

The products and services KKday offers have authentic reviews from travelers based on their experience. The only problem we had was that some of the reviews were in Chinese so we couldn’t really understand if the comment was positive or negative, haha. But thankfully, there were other positive reviews in English. Aside from the customer reviews, all KKday’s providers are licensed providers so they are verified


7. Unlimited places

Okay, maybe not unlimited… But sure feels like it! KKday has more than 6,000 tours and activities to choose from in 53 countries and 170 cities. How amaaaazing is that?!



There’s finally an easier way to travel all thanks to KKday! You may check out their website (link below) and sign up for an account. Don’t worry, it’s free!


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