You have two options when applying for a Dubai Visa: 

Option 1: via hotel

We chose to apply our visa through our hotel, so we just submitted the necessary documents for them to process it. Here are the requirements:

  • Visa application form
  • Credit card authorization form. This is for visa payment (400AED/person) and for security deposit (5000AED/person)
  • Colored photocopy of passport
  • Credit card copies (front and back) and photocopy of passport of the credit card holder
  • Latest colored passport size photo (40kb on jpeg format and not cropped from the passport)
  • Hotel terms and conditions form (disclaimer that they are not liable if your visa gets rejected)

Please note that this is based on Warwick Hotel (where we stayed).

Option 2: via travel agency

This is based on MARSMAN-HRG Travel Agency:

  • Visa application form
  • Certificate Of Employment
  • Bank certificate
  • Colored photocopy of passport
  • 2 pcs passport photo with white background (1.77"x1.37")
  • Flight itinerary
  • Hotel booking (if you will only get visa from them)
  • Invitation from a person living in Dubai (if applicable)
  • Visa cost: $120-150USD

Please note that requirements and fees differ per travel agency.

  • Important notes:
  1. The requirements you need to submit depends on the hotel/travel agency so it is best to inquire directly.
  2. Most visa applications require a security deposit because Dubai wants to make sure you don’t stay in their country for good. Once you get back to Manila, you must provide proof that you have returned so that they can reverse the security deposit (if you will use your credit card for the security deposit, do this ASAP to avoid interest charges as we encountered a problem with ours).
  3. Don’t be surprised that the Dubai visa is just a print out on bond paper; they don’t stick it on your passport (so do not forget to bring it). Also, do not lose it once you arrive in Dubai because you still need it on your departure.
  4. It is normal for the Dubai immigration to get your visa upon leaving their country. My sister and I panicked as we explained to them that we need our visa to prove that we have arrived in the Philippines (to get the security deposit back), but they wouldn’t listen. Good thing we met Filipino OFW’s who told us to just take photos of our passport (with the Philippine arrival stamp) for proof.

Personally, this was the most complicated visa application we’ve experienced. Mainly because of the security deposit, (we thought it was a scam at first) and maybe because it was our first time in the Middle East area so weren’t sure how easy or difficult it was to get one. But Warwick Hotel was more than helpful (a lot of Filipinos too!) not just with the visa application but even during our stay.

Feel free to leave a comment below for questions, clarifications, or if you want to add tips regarding Dubai visa application.

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