Ahhhhhhh! The countdown to our wedding date is drawing nearer and nearerrrrr so I look for ways to help keep the stress levels down. My current best friends: hot tea, spa, shopping, and of course, trips to the salon. 

I haven't colored my hair for more than a year now so my black hair is back, and the ends haven't been looking their best. I recently read Joy's blog about being a Proverbs 31 woman and to be honest, I felt convicted because I've been sooo focused with work that I have neglected to look my best for Jay (even though Jay says I don't need to change a thing--naks!).

Anyway, I tried a new salon to have my hair colored--the Empire Salon. They have been in the industry for a couple of years now, and I've heard excellent reviews so I was really excited when our good friend invited us for a special treat.

Just so you guys have an idea what Empire Salon is all about, their salon manager described that it as "a Filipino-owned salon that puts a special emphasis in pushing for professionalizing the salon industry. All of our stylists are London-educated because we put a premium in continuous education; we have a commitment to the craft and we want to develop people." Also, she explained why their logo is a crown--"It's like we are in the service of kings and queens. Hair is indeed our crowning glory, so the crown in our logo emphasizes that we treat clients like royalty. That is what Empire Salon is all about."