Jay and I don't see each other everyday so weekly date nights (or road trips) are important for us. It's a time for us to take a break from work, talk and update each other, and have fun together. 

Due to monstrous traffic jams in Metro Manila (where driving to the next city is like a road trip to another province), we try to visit places near my house. A few weeks ago, we went to UP Town Center and tried Lucky Chick. We're not really food bloggers, so we can't really describe the texture or taste of each dish... You just have to trust us when we say the food is good. *wink wink* Plus, it doesn't hurt that it's affordable! Perfect for students looking for budget friendly meals... or couples like us trying to save money for the wedding. Hahaha.

"Lucky I'm in love with my best friend...."

You can pick any flavour (for the chicken and gravy) + sooo many sidings to choose from! Woohoo!