Please forgive us as we haven't been writing articles, editing videos and updating our social media accounts as much as we used to. We've been EXTREMELY busy with 2 things: wedding preparations (shout out to our coordinator, Ariane of CEM, since she has been making my life easier) and work (full kayod mode!)--saving each and every peso we have for our wedding and future home. In fact, we haven't booked any trips yet. Can you believe it?!

So for now, we'll do a throwback travel to the land of KKK--K-pop, Kimchi and... Kikay products? Kosmetics? Hahaha. Aka Koreeeeeaaaa

Thanks to AirAsia Philippines, we were able to travel to Korea late last year. We stayed there for 9 days and only spent 17-20k. WOOHOO!

Anyway, we'll keep this short and simple (but we'll bombard you with our photos, haha). We'll be sharing 15 places you can visit... while still sticking to your budget!

1. Bamboo Garden

Bamboo Garden is faaaaaar from the city, but definitely one of our favorite places. 


Entrance fee - 3,000 won (around php135)

2. Nami Island