It's that time of the year again--summertime!!! We're looking forward to relaxing days on the beach or lounging by the pool while drinking ice-cold watermelon shake. Yum! 

We all know that summer here in the Philippines is hot and humid, so we all want to wear something comfortable and easy to wear, yet stylish. We are definitely lusting over Bluemint's Spring/Summer 2016 Collection, which highlights variant colors from pastel to exotic contrasting tones.

Bluemint Martin Long Sleeves Shirt

Green Brush Arthur Swim Shorts

If you haven’t heard, Bluemint is a premium beachwear brand, but you can definitely wear their clothes anytime, anywhere—especially if you live in a tropical country like we do.

Navy Lined Arthur Swim Shorts

Iconic animals and memorable movements of life is the inspiration behind Bluemint’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. The line is beautifully crafted, and ranges from quick-dry peach fabric swim shorts, soothing linen shirts, classic polos with warm pastel colors and accessories derived from elegance.

Dazzling Blue BM Chino

Navy Brush Arthur Swim Shorts

Bluemint Bruce Polo Shirt

Panama Hat

Girls, don’t panic! Bluemint isn’t just for men; their collections for women are just as fashionable. I am sharing with you my top picks:

1) Orange Bali Vita Shorts; 2) Dream Pearl Shorts and Sky Blue Laura Polo; 3) Blue Tahiti Vita Shorts; 4) Tropical Leaf Vita Shorts; 5) Black Vita Shorts; 6) Ikat Pearl Shorts and White Dolce Top

Our wardrobe is ready to welcome Bluemint, and we can’t wait to share with you our adventures and ootd’s!

Bluemint Spring/Summer 2016 Collection is already available on their website, visit

Discover the wanderer in you.