Jay and I don't claim to be fashion bloggers, but of course, we still want to look good in our photos. Unfortunately, we don't have the luxury of shopping frequently since most of our savings go to travel. So we look for classics and basics--pieces that can be worn again and again but won't brand us as "outfit repeaters". 

Thankfully, I found an online shop that sells stylish basics--Better Basics.  Their clothes are very versatile making a seamless transition from day to night. This is crucial because nowadays who has time to go home to change clothes?  Plus, their items are very affordable so you can buy more pieces from them... this also means I don't need to spend our travel savings! (Jay is rejoicing as I type this, hahaha)

Here are the items I got from Better Basics:

1. Darling Powder Pink Top

2. Navis Striped Top

3. Blue Donna Dress

4. Aloha Peach Maxi Dress