Early this year, we attended an AirAsia event and we won round trip tickets to Korea. Woohoo! We have flown with AirAsia to local destinations before, but it was our first time to fly with them internationally.

Why should you book with AirAsia?

1. Flight was on time

Delayed flights can ruin a trip, which is a deal breaker for us (!!!) especially since we have an itinerary to follow. Plus points for AirAsia because our flight to Korea was on time. It started our trip on a good note. In fact, we don't recall any delayed flights with them (Good job AirAsia for not ruining our trips, haha!).

2. Legroom was spacious enough

On our departure flight to Korea, we were seated in the 5th row; on our flight back to Manila, we were in the 22nd row. We noticed that in the first 5 rows, the legroom was more spacious compared to the other rows. But it wasn't that bad, as you can see in the photo below, I was still able to cross my legs. Perks of being "fun sized" (aka short). Haha.

3. Flight prices are affordable

Yes, we won our tickets to Korea so we didn't really pay for anything. But our friends bought their tickets and they only spent php9,000 (round trip).

4. Service was excellent

As far as service goes on board, the cabin crew were polite and helpful. They all greeted us with a smile--this is important since grumpy people can also ruin a trip.

For on-ground crew, we didn't have any problems checking in.

Sorry for the bad quality photo, the window was foggy :p

To be honest, it was one of the smoothest flights we had. It is not the fanciest airline (e.g. don't expect free in-flight meals, personal TV, etc.), but value for money is the best reason to book a flight with them! :) You get "first class" for the price of coach. They truly are the world's best low-cost airline.

For bookings and other inquiries, you may check their website here.

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