Greece is known for their historical sites and rich history. What many of you don’t know is that if you follow these coordinates 14.05° N, 120.48° E you will find a piece of Greece in the Philippines--Fortune Island.

Just like Greece, Fortune Island has a rich history. According to Kuya Ernie (our bangkero or boatman), the island used to be a private luxury resort owned by the former governor of Batangas. The structures of the island were meant to imitate the Acropolis of Athens and the ruins of Greece, but Fortune Island is now an abandoned paradise.

Our bangkero or boatman

A replica of San Diego, a 16th century Spanish warship that sunk near the island (it used to look like this).

So what can you expect in a paradise like this? Here are some of the things you could do in Fortune Island:

1. Swim and enjoy the view