“Everything happens for a reason” --I think this is the most used quote when something unfortunate happens. 


My uncle invited me to join him and his team in their annual national air soft tournament in London. It was perfect timing because the schedule of the tournament was right before my Ireland trip (and London is just 1 hour away from Ireland) so of course, I agreed to go with him. Plus, London is one of my dream destinations--how could I say no?


I prepared all the documents needed, got my visa, and booked my flight and hotel. Unfortunately, weeks before the competition, there were bomb threats in London so the event was cancelled.


Here is where I insert the famous quote: “Everything happens for a reason.”


Because of the cancelled event, I experienced my first solo trip!!! I wasn’t really prepared for it… I didn’t have an itinerary since I was just planning to tag along with my uncle. I also did not have enough funds because this was supposed to be funded by my uncle. Lol.

So for those of you who have limited funds, and no uncle to treat you out, let me share with you places you can visit in London for FREE!


1.   Buckingham Palace

Tourists are not allowed to go inside so I just stayed behind the gate along with the other commoners (haha). When you visit Buckingham Palace, make sure you:

  • see the famous changing of the guards
  • take photos in Victoria’s Shrine (just in front of the palace’s entrance gate

2.   The Green Park/Hyde Park

This is just beside the Buckingham Palace so if you get tired of being a commoner, you can relax and feel like a royalty in Green Park/Hyde Park.

The park is hugeeeee so you can walk or jog around, or even have a picnic day. If you don’t have time to prepare food, there are a few food stalls around the park (where I bought my snacks after visiting Buckingham Palace).


3.   Big Ben and the House of Parliament