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Top 10 must-visit in Cagayan

Unplanned moments are always better. We had no scheduled trips for November since ber months are always the busiest. However, we wanted to take advantage of the long weekend so we booked last minute bus tickets going to Tuguegarao. Thank God my sister and cousin graduated with a Bachelor's degree...

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Things you should know before going to Dubai

“Don’t judge until you have experienced it.” You may have been led to believe that countries in the Middle East are extremely strict and if you do not comply, you’ll be thrown in prison... Or maybe you just watched Sex and the City 2 too many times. Well, some of them are partly true, but Dubai i...

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Tropical Paradise

When you live in a tropical country, summer never really ends. It can be hot and humid 24/7, but the good news is that you can go to the beach anytime! (We think the pros outweigh the cons, don’t ya think? *wink*) Last November, we had a quick getaway to Cagbalete Island in Quezon. We heard that ...

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Love at first sight: Mt. Batulao

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? It was all tingles and butterflies in the stomach. Didn't it feel like your heart was going to explode? They say firsts are always special and that it is never forgotten. This was the first time we went hiking--and we're pretty sure it was love at ...

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A piece of Greece in the Philippines

Greece is known for their historical sites and rich history. What many of you don’t know is that if you follow these coordinates 14.05° N, 120.48° E you will find a piece of Greece in the Philippines--Fortune Island.Just like Greece, Fortune Island has a rich history. According to Kuya Ernie (our...

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Top 10 Experiences in Dubai Featured c45779c82a6c3c0dc16f7aed9b7cf74b803b8882c0849e6e568b92a4e245a40e

Growing up, I've always wanted to have an arabian adventure. I dreamed of riding the magic carpet with Aladdin and Abu, overlooking the desert. Well, my arabian adventure came to life when we went to Dubai. We did not exactly ride the magic carpet, but I got more than what I expected. Here are my...

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