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Beijing travel guide: 10 things to do

Next to Russia, China is the second largest country in Asia so it can be difficult to plan your itinerary since you just don't know where to start. First on your list should be China's capital--Beijing! You don't want to leave China without exploring Beijing's must see attractions. 1. Great Wall ...

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Bluemint: Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

It's that time of the year again--summertime!!! We're looking forward to relaxing days on the beach or lounging by the pool while drinking ice-cold watermelon shake. Yum! We all know that summer here in the Philippines is hot and humid, so we all want to wear something comfortable and easy to wea...

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We found our perfect travel caMpanion Featured c45779c82a6c3c0dc16f7aed9b7cf74b803b8882c0849e6e568b92a4e245a40e

A lot of people search for love and companionship, and we are beyond blessed to have found each other in our early 20’s. What started out as two friends hanging out has evolved to a couple traveling the world. Our story doesn't end there because we did not just find each other. Recently, we also ...

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Top 5 must-try restaurants in Dubai

“First we eat, then we do everything else.” (M.F.K. Fisher) We ate sooooooo much when we traveled to Dubai... in fact, it was always the first thing we did! When we arrived at the airport, we ate. When we got in the plane, we ate (esp. since it was a long-haul flight). When we arrived at our hote...

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10 places you can visit in London for FREE

“Everything happens for a reason” --I
 think this is the most used quote when something unfortunate happens.  My uncle invited me to join him and
 his team in their annual national air soft tournament in London. It was perfect
 timing because the schedule of the tournament was right b...

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Quezon Waves

A lot of you reacted when we posted this photo: We’re guessing it’s because of the “chill vibes” of theplace. A few weeks ago, we celebrated our dear friend’s birthday intheir family’s lovely resort in Quezon (which actually started as theirfamily’s vacation house).  It took us morethan 3 hours t...

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