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GAOC: 5 star dental clinic

First impressions matter and first dates are crucial, because if it doesn't go well, there probably won't be a second date. So what happens on first dates? A lot. But basically, you get to know the person beyond physical attraction, and you find out if you guys "click". The first date h...

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Jay & Sab x Canon

We aren't the typical couple who celebrate montharies or anniversaries because we celebrate love everyday. NAKS! This post is an exemption because... *drum roll* it's our "monthsary" with Canon! Okay, it was last April 10 but better late than never, as they say. We have been using our C...

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Basics need not be boring

Jay and I don't claim to be fashion bloggers, but of course, we still want to look good in our photos. Unfortunately, we don't have the luxury of shopping frequently since most of our savings go to travel. So we look for classics and basics--pieces that can be worn again and again but won't brand...

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NLEX Lakbay Norte: 5 things to do in Pangasinan

This is part 2 of our NLEX Lakbay Norte trip and I'll be sharing the 5 activities you can do in Pangasinan. If you haven't read the first part, click here. Pangasinan is well known for their waterfalls and beaches, particularly Bolinao Falls and Hundred Islands. But the organizers of NLEX Lakbay ...

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NLEX Lakbay Norte: 5 things to do in La Union

Jay and I have been swamped with work recently, which explains why we haven't been posting any articles. We are itching to travel again and we are full "kayod" mode--saving each and every penny! For now, I'll do a throwback travel and share with you the fun and exciting week I had with ...

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AirAsia: Travel to Wellness, Fly to Korea

 Back in college, I had the privilege of going to Korea as an exchange student. I was there for several months so I experienced Korea's winter, spring and summer. Among all the seasons, I have to ...

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