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First Timer's Travel Guide: maximize your Southern Cebu experience

Among all the islands in the Philippines, Cebu is one of the most popular tourist destinations and is famous for its gorgeous beaches. In fact, whenever we meet foreigners during our travels, we tell them to visit the Philippines and include Cebu in their itinerary. Buuuuut guess what?! We've nev...

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10 tips on how to survive China on your own

In our previous China article, we challenged you not to join a tour group. One of you guys sent us an email (Hi Johanna!) asking how we managed the transportation, choosing the restaurants, etc. So we're going to share some tips on how to explore and survive Beijing on your own: 1. Research ahead...

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Dubai visa coverphoto

How to apply for Dubai Visa (for Filipinos)

You have two options when applying for a Dubai Visa: Option 1: via hotelWe chose to apply our visa through our hotel, so we just submitted the necessary documents for them to process it. Here are the requirements:Visa application formCredit card authorization form. This is for visa payment (400AE...

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Giveaway: Canon EOS M10

Preserve memories. Capture like no other. We're blessed to be a blessing, which is why we are giving away a Canon EOS M10 to one lucky winner!Here are the mechanics:Follow Canon and Jay And Sab Around The World on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (see links at the end of the article)Post any trave...

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Shinagawa Clinic: Z Prime LASIK eye surgery

I was diagnosed with nearsightedness when I was in grade school, but I remember telling my mom I didn't want to wear glasses. Instead, I would always ask to be seated in front of the classroom. However, when I reached high school, I was forced to wear prescription glasses because my eye grade was...

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Summer in Sagada: 10 places to visit

Ice cream, ice-cold drinks, face mists, air conditioners--these are some of my best friends recently since summer in the Philippines has been hotter than usual. What sucks is that no matter what I do, even right after I shower, I start sweating again. I'm literally swearing 24/7 (even when I don'...

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