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New everyday watch: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

We were jumping up and down when we received this in the mail..... *drum roll*THE SAMSUNG GEAR S3 FRONTIER!!!We never had a smart watch before so we were a bit clueless on how to use it, but at the same time, we were excited to explore and try the features. Okaaay fine, to say we were excited is ...

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Budget trip to South Korea: 15 places you can visit Featured c45779c82a6c3c0dc16f7aed9b7cf74b803b8882c0849e6e568b92a4e245a40e

Please forgive us as we haven't been writing articles, editing videos and updating our social media accounts as much as we used to. We've been EXTREMELY busy with 2 things: wedding preparations (shout out to our coordinator, Ariane of CEM, since she has been making my life easier) and work (full ...

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8 Best Travel Shoes

We don't join tour groups whenever we travel because we want total control of where we go and how long we stay. We want to take our time exploring a new city, so without a doubt, our trips involve a loooooooot of walking (to the point of injury, hahaha!). We make sure we always wear comfortable, ...

Time 7912e6ac6f0de515e4928a12a038f3c983037ac5e66727024ce65f07b5bdb7a8 December 29, 2016

AirAsia: Fly first class for the price of coach

Early this year, we attended an AirAsia event and we won round trip tickets to Korea. Woohoo! We have flown with AirAsia to local destinations before, but it was our first time to fly with them internationally.Why should you book with AirAsia?1. Flight was on timeDelayed flights can ruin a trip, ...

Time 7912e6ac6f0de515e4928a12a038f3c983037ac5e66727024ce65f07b5bdb7a8 December 07, 2016

Airbnb: White Beach Oceanfront House

It's almost Christmas!!! We're enjoying the cold weather, but not the "Christmas rush" soooo... we can't help but miss summer. It is making us daydream about our awesome trip to Cebu, especially White Beach Oceanfront House (our Airbnb accommodation). How we wish we could just hop on a ...

Time 7912e6ac6f0de515e4928a12a038f3c983037ac5e66727024ce65f07b5bdb7a8 November 16, 2016

SMART opens the doors to your next vacation with Airbnb

We've been using Airbnb to book our accommodations and it's one of the best ways to cut down on travel expenses (especially on extended trips) since there are cheaper options available. our Airbnb house when we went to Cebuour Airbnb house in Ireland with a hugeeeeee field all to ourselvesA few w...

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