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KKday: most convenient travel website Featured c45779c82a6c3c0dc16f7aed9b7cf74b803b8882c0849e6e568b92a4e245a40e

Have you guys heard about KKday? It’s our new go-to website
 when booking trips and it’s perfect for us since we like to plan our itinerary.
 We used to google tourist spots one by one but ever since we were introduced to
 KKday, our lives have been waaaaay easier. We absolutely love ...

Time 7912e6ac6f0de515e4928a12a038f3c983037ac5e66727024ce65f07b5bdb7a8 August 07, 2017
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Prepared For Every Season Featured c45779c82a6c3c0dc16f7aed9b7cf74b803b8882c0849e6e568b92a4e245a40e

Who would have thought that attending a screening of short films could be life changing? A few weeks ago, we witnessed the launch of Sun Life’s new collection of its digital films dubbed Sun Shorts. Matteo Guidicelli introduced the first film “Waves,” which was targeted towards the millennials wi...

Time 7912e6ac6f0de515e4928a12a038f3c983037ac5e66727024ce65f07b5bdb7a8 July 04, 2017
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Prenup #2: Myio Okamoto Featured c45779c82a6c3c0dc16f7aed9b7cf74b803b8882c0849e6e568b92a4e245a40e

Oh myyyy! In less than a month we'll be saying our "I do's" 😱 We're nervous, scared and stressed... but we're also excited, happy and in love! So many emotions!!! Haha.We've already shared our photos from our first prenup shoot with Joshua Garcia (here). We had a second prenup, this tim...

Time 7912e6ac6f0de515e4928a12a038f3c983037ac5e66727024ce65f07b5bdb7a8 May 30, 2017

Prenup #1: Joshua Garcia

Last February, we had our prenup shoot with Joshua Garcia. Believe it or not, we're not used to being sweet and mushy, especially in front of people. Yes, we've taken a million photos together but never with a professional photographer so there were a loooot of awkward moments (and poses!). Haha!...

Time 7912e6ac6f0de515e4928a12a038f3c983037ac5e66727024ce65f07b5bdb7a8 May 10, 2017
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Korea Travel Video

We finally had the time to edit our Korea video. We know this is waaaaaay overdue, but better late than never! And for those of you who are clueless that we went to Korea... We flew there late last year via AirAsia. We only had php17-20k pocket money for 9 DAYS but we survived!!! Want to know how...

Time 7912e6ac6f0de515e4928a12a038f3c983037ac5e66727024ce65f07b5bdb7a8 May 09, 2017

Empire Salon: new hair color

Ahhhhhhh! The countdown to our wedding date is drawing nearer and nearerrrrr so I look for ways to help keep the stress levels down. My current best friends: hot tea, spa, shopping, and of course, trips to the salon. I haven't colored my hair for more than a year now so my black hair is back, and...

Time 7912e6ac6f0de515e4928a12a038f3c983037ac5e66727024ce65f07b5bdb7a8 April 23, 2017


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